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Design and Develop the Web faster!

Design and Develop the Web faster!I can help you to make wireframes quickly using the dynamic grid, based inTyler Tate’s 1kb CSS Grid which is already included and can be configured in the perkins.config.lessfile, as well as many other options. I use the latest Web standards, also known as HTML5 and CSS3. To take more advantage and allow you not to repeat yourself, I am based in LESS.js, which means that you can forget some of the proprietary browser prefixes. Also, I carry a number of preloaded basic styles, mixins, helpers, transparent textures and a @font-face driven icon set.

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HTML5 Apps: 10 Cool HTML 5 Web Apps

10 Cool HTML 5 Web AppsHTML5 apps are quite possibly the future of the web. Instead of relying on local desktop applications for tasks such as calendar management, code generation or photograph editing, HTML5 allows for developers to create applications that run within the browser. These HTML5 web apps have a variety of possible functionality, and it’s not even fully known what the possibilities for HTML5 apps are.

In this post, I’ve gathered up 10 cool HTML5 apps that will show you just a bit of the power of HTML5, and perhaps inspire you to develop your own HTML5 web apps.

If you like our collection of HTML5 apps and want to check out more HTML5 resources, these posts will interest you:

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Responsive Web Design Toolbox: 50 Handy Tools and Services

Responsive Web Design ToolboxEarlier we’ve posted some materials on Responsive web design – How to Make a Website for All Devices (Responsive Web Design) and Responsive Web Design: Helpful Articles, Techniques & Tutorials, and some examples of really cool designs in 70 Examples Of Modern Responsive Web Design. And now, we would like to present to your attention some fresh data on this topic that is about gridsframeworksJavaScript Libraries and jQuery Pluginsonline services and testing tools. Hope you’ll find it useful!

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70 Examples Of Modern Responsive Web Design

70 Examples Of Modern Responsive Web DesignResponsive Web design is one of the important topics in Web design and Web development. Today it has become very urgent to make sites that match the monitor resolutions of the various users’ devices. That’s why when creating a web site one should take into account the specifications of tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. Currently, responsive web design is achieved by using fluid widths in percentages and ems, using scalable images and adjustable layouts depending on the browser size. We’ve already showcased some useful and interesting materials dedicated to this subject and now we would like to share with our readers the 70 Examples Of Modern Responsive Web Design.

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20+ Must See Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins from 2011

Useful jQuery PluginsjQuery gives developers the chance to enrich websites with amazing elements without the need to write dozens of lines of code. This post presents advanced and cutting-edge jQuery plugins that will enhance your web designs tremendously.

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9 Javascript and Animated GIF Loading Animation Solutions

GIF Loading Animation SolutionsI learned to make loading animation when I was learning flash, it was flash 5! Nowadays, we see it in HTML/CSS/JS websites, especially those are AJAX driven. Loading animation is extremely useful to letting users know that the server is processing the request. Do not under estimate it, it can make a website responsive to user interaction. It’s used as an indication of something is happening behind the scene, and inform users to wait for a while.

It usually in Animated Gif format, however, now, we have powerful browsers and technology (VML and Canvas), loading animation is no longer restricted in animated Gif format, it can be generated with Javascript and highly customisable. This time, I found 5 Javascript and following by 4 Animated Gif solutions to generate loading animation.

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Free Open Source Shopping Cart Solution (PHP-MySQL)

Full Featured Open Source Shopping Cart Solution. LiveCart is developed in PHP-MySQL-powered open source shopping cart application that comes with many features to create simple-to-advanced e-commerce websites it includes literally hundreds of features.

opensource-shopping-cart-solutionLiveCart feature/summary:

Backend Demo:

WordPress Theme Framework: Whiteboard

The Whiteboard framework for WordPress is built to speed up the process of developing a WordPress theme. Whiteboard does so by eliminating the time spent on a website’s generic div structure and WordPress’ back-end PHP that is common to all WordPress themes. Whiteboard Framework includes non-intrusive code designed to improve the overal WordPress theme in many ways without any additional development, including SEO, speed, usability, and mobility.

wordpress theme framework

Powerful, clean, simple, and well-noted code for efficient WordPress theme development


JavaScript Progress Indicator

Spin.js uses the CSS3 to render the UI, falling back to VML Internet Explorer. If supported by the browser,@keyframe rules are used to animate the spinner. The spin() method creates the necessary HTML elements and starts the animation. If a target element is passed as argument, the spinner is added as first child and horizontally and vertically centered.

JavaScript Progress Indicator


  • No images, no external CSS
  • No dependencies
  • Highly configurable
  • Resolution independent
  • Works in all major browsers, including IE6
  • Smaller than an animated GIF (3K minified, 1.7K gzipped)


CSS Toolkit for Websites and Web Apps Development:Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more.

Website and Web Apps Development CSS Toolkit

Bootstrap is built with Less and was designed to work out of the gate with only modern browsers in mind. Download, fork, pull, file issues, and more with the official Bootstrap repo on Github.


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