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HTML5 WordPress Framework – PressWork

PressWork is a free, open-source theme framework built for WordPress 3.2 using HTML5 and CSS3. It was created out of a need for a framework that catered to all types of users. As developers, we needed it to be powerful enough to allow for complete customization, which is why every element in PressWork can be hooked into.

HTML5 WordPress Framework

HTML5 introduces a number of new features and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern websites. As a designer you’ll have a whole new bag of tricks to play with. As a developer you’ll be able to streamline and simplify your code to prepare your WordPress site for the future.


HTML5 UI Framework jQuery-powered – Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a framework for modern HTML UI. Engineered with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript standards, it delivers everything needed for client-side, jQuery-powered development in one integrated, compact package.

HTML5 UI Framework jQuery

Complete Framework for HTML5 apps

  • Ready for Touch & Mobile Devices
  • HTML5 UI Features:
  • No more slow JavaScript
  • Rich UI built on jQuery
  • Broad browser support (even the old ones)
  • Professional tools, Professional support
  • Evolving at the speed of the web


HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques we Must Know

net.tutsplus – This industry moves fast — really fast! If you’re not careful, you’ll be left in its dust. So, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the coming changes/updates in HTML5, use this as a primer of the things you must know.

HTML5 Features, Tips, and TechniquesReady for the real world? Probably not yet; but it’s still fun to play with and prep for!
Download the source code
, and try it out for yourself. But use Opera.


Multi-Device Web App Framework Using HTML5 – Joshfire

Joshfire is the first open source multi-device development framework.
Using only standards like HTML5 and JavaScript, it allows developers and integrators to quickly create native and dedicated web apps for browsers, Node.JS, desktops, smart phones, smartTVs and connected objects.

Cross-Device Web App Framework

Whatever the device you try to reach, the Joshfire framework helps you develop one unique application and make it automatically compatible with mobiles, tablets, TVs, and even connected objects.


Survey Voting System with jQuery Animate Function

A simple idea to use JQuery animate function in voting system, I post this maybe it will useful for replacing voting system that using many images, the idea is just expanding the div element (css width property) using animate function, we just need to add the same value on the width element.

jQuery Animate Function Survey Voting

Demo | Website:


New Web Development Platform For The Cloud – Opa

Opa is a new generation of web development platform. 0It is a new programming language, a new web server, a new database and a new distributed execution engine, all of them tightly integrated to provide a great experience for web developers.

Opa technical documentation consists of a number of guides and references to quickly build up your skill level in Opa and assist you as you begin developing.


HTML5 & CSS3 beautiful resource – theexpressiveweb

The Expressive Web HTML5 and CSS3 brings loads of new features and functionality to the modern web. Highlighting and providing information on twelve new HTML5 and CSS3 features, the site itself makes extensive use of new features such as CSS3 transitions, CSS3 transforms, web storage and more to provide a visually compelling resource for learning more about HTML5 and CSS3.

This site is a resource and showcase of some of the newest, and most expressive features being added to the web today.



jQuery plugins development – jQuery Boilerplate

jQuery Boilerplate Contains lots of comments to help you get going easily. It is truly object-oriented, it implements public and private methods as well as public and private properties, making it the ideal candidate for when building both simple and complex jQuery plugins.


Test Websites On Multiple Devices – Screenfly

Screenfly is a free tool to check/Test your website in multiple devices like  tablet and mobile categories, and also  TV and desktop categories helps viewing websites according to the selected screen-sizes of the devices.

Check Websites On Multiple Devices


Free Android GUI PSD Files

To help improve our design workflow (and hopefully yours too) we made a fully vectorized Android GUI PSD. The template is based on the most popular screen size (normal) and pixel-density (high) using the default Android skin as the baseline.

Free Android GUI Vector PSD File
Website | Download :

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