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35 Useful jQuery Tutorials From 2011

Useful jQuery Tutorials From 2011Web developer created some great jQuery tutorials and today we just want list some of the 2011 tutorials which really stand out from the tradition javascript effect tutorials. So in this collection we have compiled some useful jQuery tutorials from 2011. Enjoy!!

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Image Zoom Tour with jQuery

jQuery image zoomToday we want to share a little zoom tour script with you. Showing a main image initially, we want to be able to zoom into certain parts of the image by clicking on tags, using another image for the closer view. This next step can contain other tags that again allow to show more images. We achieve the “zoom” effect by enlarging the current image and fading in the new one.

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Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin Flexslider

jQuery SliderWhen it comes to responsive design, it’s not just about fluid images or adaptive layouts. It’s also about the responsive methodology behind the entire design process. In responsive design, we are creating responsive experiences, meaning that all design components need to be able to adapt to the environment in which they are displayed and have to interact with. This is why we create tables, navigation menus, videos and other design elements Read more…

Building a Website with PHP, MySQL and jQuery Mobile

Building a Website with Query MobileIn this two-part tutorial, we will be building a simple website with PHP and MySQL, using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Finally, with the help of the jQuery Mobile framework, we will turn it into a touch-friendly mobile website, that works on any device and screen size.

In this first part, we concentrate on the backend, discussing the database and MVC organization. In part two, we are writing the views and integrating jQuery Mobile.

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33 Powerful jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and TutorialsjQuery has overpowered Flash in a lot of web uses becoming a very powerful tool for web designers. One of these uses that I’m referring to is the image slider. Implementing this feature in your site will definitely count as a big plus so don’t waste your time and download the available jQuery plugins in this 30 Powerful jQuery Slideshow (Sliders) Plugins and Tutorials.

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jQuery animated sliding timelines

jQuery Timelinr is simple plugin helps you to give more life to the boring timelines. Supports horizontal and vertical layouts, and you can parameterize the majority of attributes: speed, transparency, etc..
jQuery animated sliding timelines

DemoHorizonal | Vertical

HTML5 and Javascript framework to transform websites to mobile sites – Mobilizer

Mobilize.js allows web developers create mobile sites out of existing websites with little effort. The revolutionary idea behind Mobilize.js is that it pushes difficult content presentation choices to a web browser instead trying to figure them out on a server. This is embracing of the original philosophy of HTML mark-up language: the browser knows best how the page should look like. With Mobilize.js we serve a normal web page and let an embedded Javascript file decide should the page be mobilized.

Convert Websites Into Mobile Quickly Mobilize

  • Automatically detect mobile browsers
  • Easy to integrate – no server side changes needed
  • Open source – no expensive software or licenses needed
  • Familiar HTML5Javascript and JQuery Mobile tools used
  • Supports iPhoneAndroidBlackberryOpera Mini and many other browsers and devices


Font Resizer jQuery plugin – jFontSize

The jFontSize plugin was developed to facilitate the process of creating the famous buttons A+ and A-, which alter the font size on sites with very large texts, such as blogs, journals, tutorials, etc.

This tool is also used to increase the accessibility of sites, helping people who have visual problems to see better content

jQuery Font Size resizeer

Formly add style and validation to web forms: jQuery

Formly is a simple jQuery plugin that allow you to give a better look to your website forms, Formly is a light little fella. 17kb in total for the full and 14kb for the minified version. It’s really easy to get Formly working for you. jQuery is the only prerequisite so make sure you include it, along with Formly’s source files, in the head section of your file.

Formly, the web form glamorizer for jQuery

An unbelievably easy way to add style and validation to your forms. Forms are everywhere and, usually, suck. Formly makes adding forms to your site a bit more exciting. Easily add style, validation, and a more impressive user interaction with a single function.

Download  | Website:



Animated jQuery Pagination Plugin – jPaginate

jPaginate is a jQuery pagination plugin that comes with a twist: animatedpage numbers. The user can slide through the available page numbers by clicking or just hovering over the arrows. Shortlinks to the first and last page are available as well.
You can call the plugin in the following way: $(elementID).paginate()

jQuery Pagination Plugin - jPaginate


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